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When it comes to copper fabrication we believe we’re the right choice for the job.

About Copper Raingutters

Copper Raingutters is located on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

We’ve been operating here on Oahu for more than 16 years and in that amount of time we’ve completed more than 250 projects both large and small.

We specialize in the installation, repair, and cleaning of rain gutters and downspouts. We also offer custom copper fabrication of chimney caps, gooseneck vents, leaf guards and much more.

We choose to work with copper over other materials such as aluminum or plastic for our rain gutters because copper is a natural element that is eco friendly, beautiful and when maintained properly copper rain gutters can last a lifetime or even longer.

We believe communication is key to any project. We take the time to meet with you to discuss your project at length so we know exactly what you want and give regular status updates as to how things are going during the process.

Only The Best


Eco Friendly Materials

We use all natural copper materials and stainless steel. Our products are built to last for many years to come.


High Quality Construction

There will be no heavy equipment or continuous machines going on site. We work with ladders, guards and safety stands offs using ropes to assure a quite work area.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we do what we can to provide satisfaction with the product and our service.

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Eki Phoumisavanh


I have always loved working with copper from even when I was an apprentice starting the trade. I would be glad to hear from you for special project.

Aloha and and may God bless you.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched and the one who waters will himself be watered.”

Proverbs 11:25

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